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Before I began blogging, I was vaguely aware of how to make money online. I assumed there were a couple of ways with many of the others being complete scams. I decided to compile this list of legit ways to make money online for YOU, so you do not have to worry about being scammed or wasting time. Because we all know TIME = MONEY. I have personally used many of these methods to make money online and have on my “to-do list” a plan to implement many of the others.

There is no excuse for everyone to NOT use the internet to make money online these days. It is almost too easy to not start implementing at least one item from this list! I want you to take notes from this list on ways YOU want to use to start making money online.


I don’t want you to simply read this list and say “yea, that’s a great list.” And then pin it to your Pinterest board or bookmark the web page for later, only to never come back. I want you to take ACTION NOW! This is potentially a gold mine for many of you. This knowledge has the potential to change your life! BUT:

“Knowledge is not power, it’s potential power. It is only in the taking action on the knowledge that it becomes POWERFUL!”

So make a plan to read through this list, get inspired, and start taking action! Without further adieu, here is my list of 60+ legit ways to make money online. I will continue to update this list as the internet evolves and the legit opportunities present themselves.

I’ve organized the different legit ways to make money online into these 4 categories

Sell Digital Products Online

1. Start a Money Making Blog

This one is the easiest and hardest item on this list. The easiest because the barriers to entry are relatively low. The hardest because it takes common sense and effort to make money blogging. BUT it’s not impossible!

When I started this blog, my family kept asking me “Roxanne, how do you make money from blogging?” I would try to explain as simply as I could. Now I just point people to this article! 😉

So how do you make money blogging?

The easiest way to monetize a blog is through affiliate marketing. You are probably loyal to a few brands yourself, right? You probably even recommend products to your friends and family that you have been satisfied with. Now imagine that those companies’ PAID you when your family or friend made a purchase because of your recommendation! That is exactly how affiliate marketing works. The only difference is that the sale is tracked through a link from your blog.

There are strategies and tactics involved that you must implement if you want to be successful with affiliate marketing. I could write a whole series of blog posts describing how to successfully implement affiliate marketing on your blog. Until I do that, I highly recommend the course “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” created by my friend Michelle. I took her course right before creating this blog so that I could start out on the right foot with my affiliate marketing campaign efforts.

There are bloggers around the internet making anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month in affiliate marketing income to multiple 5 figures a month! Yes, you read that correct. Michelle, whose course I mentioned above averages around $50,000 per month in affiliate income from her blog! To be fair, she’s been blogging for 5 years, so it does take time. But again, it’s not impossible!

To get started you’ll want to first create a blog. Follow my tutorial here to get one started in 5 simple steps. Then you’ll want to begin applying to affiliate networks. Many companies go to affiliate networks because they manage their affiliate programs.

Here is a list of affiliate networks that you could join:

I belong to the following:

  1. ShareASale
  2. CJ
  3. Flex Offers
  4. Rakuten Linkshare
  5. Amazon Affiliate
  6. Viglink

These are other reputable ones:

  1. Skimlinks
  2. Rewardstyle
  3. Clickbank
  4. JVZoo
  5. Affiliate Window
  6. Offer Juice
  7. Offer Vault

Aside from Affiliate Marketing, another way to make an income from your blog is through ad networks such as Google Adsense,, Escalate Network, or AdThrive. What you’ll want to do is sign-up for the ad network and begin displaying the ads on your blog. I personally do not show ads on my blog. I feel like it clutters up the pages and has the potential to show something that I don’t agree with.

Now after you’ve built up your following some, you can begin to offer sponsored posts. This is where a company pays you, the blog owner, a fixed amount to write a post about their product or service and post it for your readers. Some bloggers charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on their website’s traffic statistics. There are also networks such as IZEA & ShopHer Media that you can utilize for this purpose. Check them out!

You may be very intrigued, but all of this may seem a little overwhelming. If you really want to take a deep dive and start building a profitable blog, then you’ll want to pick up a copy of my friend Abby’s E-book “Building a Framework.” She thoroughly explains, in 200 pages, how to build a money making blog from scratch, because she’s done just that! Abby shares all of her mistakes and what to watch out for. She also lays out a framework on how to grow your following and promote your blog. Many of her strategies I use here on this blog. This is an excellent book to learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to monetizing your blog.

Finally, the other benefit of creating a blog is to advertise and showcase the services you offer. If you are a life coach, sports coach, professional copywriter, editor, website designer – well you get the idea – if you have a service to offer then a blog is the BEST way to promote yourself to potential clients.  You can see how I do that with my blog here.

2. Affiliate Marketing with Social Media

Do you have a huge following on one of your social media channels? If so, you can monetize your followers by sharing an affiliate link with them. Just be careful to not be too spammy. You need to introduce the link naturally. And I only recommend you share links to products & services that you have actually USED or know someone personally who has been satisfied with it.

To set yourself up for success with affiliate marketing, you can take my friend Michelle’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. She even has a section in there that talks specifically about social media!

3. Asking for Donations or Tips

Here’s yet another excellent reason to have a blog. Add a donations or tip jar to your blog through PayPal.  When you have a loyal following, your readers want to support you! They understand that blogging isn’t free and comes with certain costs such as hosting and your time to write the posts. They are usually more than willing to donate to your blog to cover those costs and to ensure you continue to provide them with valuable content.

4. Create & Sell Digital Products

This is an area I am currently working on. I have a course in the works for you all and I’m really excited about it!

You can create an e-book and sell it on your blog or through Amazon. Or you can create an e-course through Teachable and sell it on your blog. The key here is to have a blog. The reason being is you will have built in customers ready to buy once you launch your product.

If you are struggling to decide what digital product to create, simply ask your readers and followers. They will tell you what they want to know from you!

5. Sell Your E-Course through other channels

If you want to create an e-course, but do not want to create a blog, then you can sell it through Udemy. I hear they have an excellent community of teachers that help each other not only create courses but also promote them.

6. Self-Publish and Sell your Books on Amazon

The kindle direct publishing platform helps writers from conception of book idea all the way to a published product.

There are authors who self-publish dozens of books in specific niches and generate thousands of dollars per month. If this interests you, I suggest you listen to this video below and read this article.

 7. Create a Membership Site

These types of websites are becoming more and more popular in specific niches. For example, there are many membership sites for bloggers to gain access to private content that will help them improve their business. This is a nice alternative to creating an e-course. Most people who create membership sites fill them with exclusive content that is updated every two weeks to once per month.

8. Sell Stock Photography

Do you enjoy taking pictures? Do you think your pictures are of weird and random things? If so, you should consider selling them as stock photography! There are many businesses who need photos of what we would consider “random stuff”. Here are some websites you can sell your photography on.

9. Sell Stock Footage

Instead of taking photographs, you can sell stock video footage. As video becomes more and more in demand, this type of stock imagery will be a necessity.

10. Sell a Digital Product on Fiverr

When you log onto Fiverr you will see MANY people selling their services and skills such as writing a blog post for $5 or creating a video. Unless your service takes you less than 5 minutes to complete, it is not worth your time to do it for $5.

However, if you have a digital product to sell, that is a different story. It only took you the upfront time to create the product and you can sell it over and over again through the marketplace. This is great if you do not have a blog or audience to sell your digital product to.

Fiverr is an excellent place to get started and refine your product to know what people are interested in buying. If you click here, you will get $5 from me to invest in your first Fiverr gig. I recommend investing this $5 in something you thing you would like to eventually sell yourself. Look at it as a way to test your competition and what kind of quality is offered on Fiverr.

Please note: the quality varies WIDELY! Make sure to read the reviews and use your common sense on which reviews are legit. There are a lot of fake reviews on there.

11. Sell your Teaching Plans

If you are a successful grade school teacher, you can start selling your teaching plans to other teachers. I’ve heard horror stories about how long it takes to put a teaching plan together. Why not create a website of your own to sell them on or you could sell them at

12. Are you a Couponer?

Teach others how to coupon too! I’ll be honest. I took a couponing class several years ago. The website they hosted that showed us what to buy each week, well frankly, stunk! And not because it didn’t have great content. Mainly because it was disorganized and confusing to navigate. I gave up on couponing that month. The whole process seemed very time-consuming and overwhelming.

There is still a market for coupon teachers. Especially since I understand it can be local specific. Create a very organized website and even a YouTube Channel (see below) to teach other’s how to coupon. You can hold coupon classes at a local church or rec center and charge whatever your market can bear.

You could also sell an e-book explaining the process. I think the key to being a successful coupon teacher is making the whole experience as organized and painless as possible.

13. Start a YouTube channel

Have you seen the crazy amount of YouTube channels available today? Looks like a lot of competition right? Well, the neat thing about YouTube is it’s like the Wild West – anything can go and there is an audience for everything!

Love dogs? Make a dog channel. Have a unique skill? Make a channel teaching people that skill. Someone told me once that it doesn’t matter if there are others out there doing what you want to do because they are not you. Be your authentic self and provide your unique voice to the topic and you’ll attract a tribe.

Here is a cute video of a successful YouTuber talking about how she made it work. By-the-way, she has over 7 million followers! Say wha?!

From what I’ve read, you can activate ads on your channel immediately upon uploading your first video. Make sure to add a custom thumbnail (image size 1280 X 720) and channel art (image size 2560 X 1440) to your YouTube Channel. I recommend using PicMonkey to make your custom images.

In addition to monetizing with ads on your channel, you can implement affiliate marketing and sponsored content. I took a course on affiliate marketing when I began to blog that I highly recommend. You can check out the course here too. Sponsored content is where a company contacts you asking for you to feature their product or service on a video. They pay you an agreed upon amount to get air time in front of your viewers.

One caution when it comes to affiliate marketing and sponsored content.  Make sure you can stand behind the products & services you recommend. You always want to keep your viewers and readers in mind and only recommend products & services that you can personally stand behind.

14. Start a Podcast

Don’t like the thought of being on camera? Start a Podcast instead! It is a great platform to build a following and to sell your products & services.

You can monetize your Podcast by selling sponsorships on your podcast. They are basically short 15 second commercials that run at the beginning of your podcast for listeners to hear.

Another option is to monetize your listeners by driving them to your website or blog. Here again is another reason to go ahead and create your blog already! 🙂  You can follow my easy 5 step tutorial here.

Determining what your podcast is about is based solely on the products & services you want to sell, the niche of your blog, or something completely outside the box. Go to iTunes to view a list of all the available podcasts and see what your potential competition is doing. If you are ready to start a podcast today, Pat Flynn’s tutorial found here is excellent to follow.

Sell Physical Products Online

15. Join the Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) Program

I personally began exploring this idea several months ago. I purchased a course on Udemy to teach me the ins and outs of selecting a product to sell and how to navigate the FBA program. I later learned that the course author had never sold anything through FBA! What a disappointment!

Enter, The Selling Family! Jessica & Cliff have been successfully selling through the FBA program for 8 years now!! They have created an arsenal of courses to teach others how to be successful through FBA as well.

They have a loyal community of sellers who are dedicated to helping each other be successful with the FBA program.

16. Sell items on eBay

This is the marketplace to sell and buy anything you can possibly imagine! If you are like me, you and everyone else is looking for a deal. You are tired of paying full price for everything, especially when you are aware that corporations markup items by up to 400%!

With that said, you could sell just about anything you can think of through eBay. Did you know that there are crafters who buy dried leaves, empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls, or empty egg cartons and corks from wine bottles? Why not collect these items from your own household and friends, and sell them on eBay!

Or you could sell empty boxes? Side Note: never buy empty boxes. Go to the cardboard dumpster behind big-box stores and collect their empty boxes! Then sell them on eBay! 😉

17. Create an Etsy Shop

Are you crafty & like to make handmade products? Do you create artwork for your home? Do you design jewelry for fun? Consider opening an Etsy Shop. More and more women are turning to Etsy first to find custom designed items for their home and as gifts. I’ve personally purchased a St. Christopher necklace for my fiancé, bridesmaid gifts and a blogger theme all from Etsy. If you enjoy making things, this is a viable option for you.

Here are five courses from Creative Live that will get you started on your journey to becoming a successful Etsy Store seller. You’ll want to click on the link here and then search for these courses.

  1. Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine
  2. Etsy 101 – learn how to navigate the Etsy interface and develop systems to ensure your sales run smoothly.
  3. Craft Photography Fundamentals – great photos to showcase your products is a MUST. This course teaches you how to use a DSLR or an iPhone to get the best shots.
  4. Bookkeeping for Etsy Sellers – unless you are an accountant or numbers person, this part may not sound fun or interesting. But it’s a must if you want to be successful.
  5. SEO for Etsy – learn these fundamental skills so your store shows up in buyers search results more often.

18. Sell Items on Craigslist

Before you throw that item away, someone might be willing to purchase it! What is “it” you ask? Anything around your house!

A family member of mine finds items for sale via Craigslist or Facebook Yard Sale Groups. She then cleans them up and resales them for a higher price via Craigslist. She focuses on children items, but this could apply to any niche.

19. Sell items on Facebook Sale groups

If you don’t want to use Craigslist to sell your items, you can use a combination of garage sale sites and Facebook Sale groups. Use one of the garage sale sites to locate local garage sales, then post the items on Facebook Sale Groups. This is a similar technique to buying and selling through Craigslist or eBay.

List of Garage Sale Sites:

20. Buy & Sell Gift Cards

You can buy gift cards through eBay and then sell them through Raise or visa-versa.

Or you can take this approach. Purchase a gift card to a location that you need to purchase from anyway, like a grocery store or big box store.

Take it one step further and use those gift cards to purchase items you could resell on eBay for a profit. For example, purchase an American Eagle gift card, purchase the in style jeans when they are marked down, then resell them for a profit on eBay. My fiancé did this and made over $5,000 a month from this technique.

21. Sell on Zazzle, RedBubble, ShirtCity, Teespring & CafePress

Are you an artist, graphic designer or photographer? If so, you should consider selling your work on marketplaces such as Zazzle, RedBubble, ShirtCity, TeeSpring, or CafePress. These companies handle the sale once a customer purchases your item. They take care of the production, shipping, billing and customer service.

This set-up is very much a passive income structure. You upload your designs and earn a royalty once someone purchases a product with your design on it.  It has been recommended to start by designing business cards and t-shirts as these sell the most. This is definitely on my list of things I want to explore!

Here is a great article from someone who makes over 6 figures selling on Zazzle.

22. Sell your old Clothes

Instead of selling your old clothes to Plato’s Closet (who, let’s be honest, doesn’t pay you even close to what they are worth), you could sell them on If you click here, you’ll get $10 from me to use at this store!

You can also use an app for your phone called Deepop to sell your clothes.

23. Sell your Old Electronics

Do you have an old computer, printer or smartphone that you don’t use anymore? You can sell it on Gazelle – a marketplace specifically for selling electronics.

Sell Services (Your Time) Online

24. Sell your Skills & Services on Upwork or PeoplePerHour

Upwork and PeoplePerHour are excellent marketplaces for selling your services.  For example, are you great at digital or social media marketing? Good at Business Intelligence tools? Want to be someone’s Virtual Assistant?

Just be aware they are very competitive marketplaces. I would recommend updating your profile and headline with the keywords you want to be found for. Have a professional headshot uploaded and record a video introducing yourself and skills. The video is an absolute must to set yourself apart.

Many of the services I outline below can marketed via these websites too! So read on for inspiration!

25. Become a Freelance Copywriter or Ghostwriter

Copywriting is one of those industries with low barriers to enter but once you are established you can start demanding higher pay per post! Most start out around $25 per 500-word posts. Some freelance writers making $500 per post once they’ve been established!

There are dozens of marketplaces where you can find jobs as a copywriter. The key to differentiate yourself however, is to provide writing samples based on a specific niche. This is another reason to create a blog. You can publish a portfolio of samples on your blog to show potential clients. You can also link your LinkedIn profile to your “Hire Me” page and provide your rates for potential clients!

Here is a list of sites where you can find and apply for copywriting jobs:

  1. Upwork
  2. PeoplePerHour
  3. Freelancer
  4. Guru
  5. Problogger
  6. CloudPeeps
  7. Quietly
  8. Contently 
  9. E-byline 
  10. Freelance Writing
  11. Skyword
  12. Zerys
  13. Copify 
  14. Twago
  15. ASJA 
  16. Contena
  17. Listverse
  18. A List Apart 
  19. Fundsforwriters
  20. Uxbooth
  21. Iwriter
  22. Textbroker
  23. Matador Network
  24. The Penny Hoarder – email [email protected]
  25. Constant-Content
  26. Article Bunny

26. Become a Professional Proofreader or Editor

There are many people who run websites who need a second set of eyes to review their writing. You could add this type of service to your freelance copywriting services as an additional benefit. Another option is to make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and network with companies through that platform to gain clients.

 27. Be an Online Researcher

I’ve seriously considered doing this one because I LOVE to research things! That might sound silly to some of you, both then again some of you might relate! And if you do, then you should consider becoming an online researcher too!

This company offers jobs where you research things such as a product or service, competition for a company, gathering statistics or determining the size of a market. This website lets you find open requests and then you choose the ones that interest you.

It’s fairly easy to begin. You simply apply online, take a quiz, and complete a trial assignment and then you’re good to go.

28. Become an Online Cruise Travel Agent

Just like everything else, you’ll want to pick a target market. The Cruise Lines International Associate (CLIA) certification is the industry standard for cruise only travel agents.  Carnival also offers exclusive training through this website. You’ll definitely want your own website and to network via social media to gain new clients.

29. Teach People a Foreign Language

People all over the world are interested in learning new languages. I’ve been working on my Italian for a trip to Italy next year. If you know a second language, consider teaching it to students through This website allows you to set your own prices and your own schedule. They handle everything from payments, to student records and history as well as safety and security.

Or Go Fluent will hire you as a full-time employee to teach a foreign language as well. You could also get paid to translate a foreign language for Translation Bunny.

30. Career Coach/Resume Writer

Career Coaches and resume writers will always be in demand. My mom owned a staffing company while I was in high school. She employed me when I was in college and I saw my fair share of resumes and interviews. Most people are clueless when it comes to what to write on a resume and how to interview for a job. The key is to sell and market yourself.

If you have learned these skills or work in this profession already, consider selling your services on the side. LinkedIn is excellent for this type of thing.  If I was to do this profession, I would network with Recruiters to gain clients. LinkedIn is said to be made up of 80% recruiters so make sure your profile is updated. I would recommend paying for LinkedIn premium and a service such as E-Link Pro.

31. Become a Web Designer

Are you an expert with Content Management Systems? How about Divi or Genesis Framework? If so, you could make a nice income online from helping others with the technical side of their website/blog. You could take a course on Udemy to learn the skills you need to fill the gaps in your knowledge as well as the business side of starting your own business.

32. Graphic Designer

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp, Picmonkey, Canva, Piktochart, oh my! There are a TON of tools out there available for you to create awesome graphics. And many people are wanting to hire out this service. Create a portfolio and advertise your skills via a blog. Don’t worry about competition, this is one skill that is still very much in demand!

34. Become a Podcast Editor

As Podcasts become more and more mainstream, the need for Podcast Editors will increase. You can initially target current podcasters as well as known websites who may potentially start a podcast. You can contact Pat Flynn’s Podcast editor to learn more about setting rates and breaking into this industry.

35. Become a Transcriptionist

The two fields in need of transcriptionist are the medical field and legal field. To become a Medical transcriptionist apply to Fast Chart. Or you can apply to Speak Write to become a legal or general transcriptionist.

In order to be a medical transcriptionist, you’ll need some training. Here is a FREE course offered online.

36. Create & Host Events, Retreats & Workshops

Do you have a strong message you want to share with the world? Do you inspire people every day? You should consider creating and hosting events either online or offline or both!

The events I’ve heard about that do very well include:

This is an excellent way to touch people’s lives, be able to travel all over the world, and make a huge difference in humanity.

37. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assisting is a very diverse industry. As more and more people are looking to scale their businesses, the demand for virtual assistants has boomed. The best way to be successful in this industry is to find a niche. For example, there are Virtual Paralegal Assistants, Virtual Social Media Assistants, etc.

If you are completely lost on where to start, a friend of mine Gina has created a course 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success.

I recommend updating your LinkedIn profile and creating a blog that has testimonials and outlines the services you provide.

38. Become a Professional Voice Over

Carrie Olsen is a professional voice over. Before getting into this industry she had never heard of it before. After listening to a Podcast about becoming a voice over she was hooked. You can sign-up for her next training session here.

If you are really serious, I highly recommend you join the Facebook Group – Voice Over Startup here.

After you have some confidence and knowledge about the industry you can apply for jobs at Voice Bunny, Voices, Voice123, Bodalgo, and The Voice Realm.

39. Become an Online Coach

Do people continuously come to you for advice and help with situations in their life? You might want to consider coaching. There are numerous avenues you can take with this. You could become a Life Coach, Blog Coach (like me!), Business Coach, Health Coach, Interview Coach, etc.

I would caution you on finding online courses that will teach you how to become a coach. There are a lot of them so make sure to do your homework before paying for one.

40. Become a Tutor or Online Teacher 

Love to teach? Become a tutor or online teacher. You’ll first want to select the subject or subjects you want to focus on, set your base price, create a cancellation policy, and promote your services similar to the way I suggest freelance writers promote their services.

After you’ve created your website to promote your services, make sure your LinkedIn Profile is up to date and promote your services there too. Then put a free ad on

Another method is to find mommy blogs that are highly read and submit Guest Posts to get your name known. Mom’s frequently visit mommy blogs and may have children that need tutoring!

You can also find tutoring/teaching gigs through these websites:

  1. Brainmass 
  2. Tutor 
  3. Homework Tutoring 
  4. Aim-for-A Tutoring 
  5. 24/7 My Tutor 
  6. Eduwizards 
  7. Revolution Prep 
  8. TutorVista 
  9. Smart Thinking
  10. Brainfuse 
  11. InstaEDU (Chegg)  
  12. Tutor Hub  
  13. Skooli
  14. Buddy School 
  15. WizIQ  
  16. WebWiseTutors  
  17. Happy Tutors  
  18. Tutor Me 
  19. Upwork 
  20. Your own Blog – make sure LinkedIn profile is updated and links to your blog services or Hire Me page

41. Moderate Forums, Chat Rooms & Social Media Channels

Yes, this is a real thing. Finding a reputable company is the difficult part and many that do have specific requirements. Below are some companies that hire moderators.

  • eModeration – is a job board for moderator positions.
  • ICUC the main requirement is that you know English and another language.
  • ModSquad – they manage various online communities and hire moderators to keep the peace as well as other online duties. 😉
  • Crisp Thinking – they hire social media and online forum moderators.
  • Live World – for this position you will need to be fluent in one of the listed languages on the requirements category.

Other Methods of Making Money Online

42. Companies Hiring Work-From-Home Employees:

  • Flex Jobs is a marketplace for companies to post work-from-home positions.
  • Your Mechanic – is a start-up hiring for work from home positions Pay is $14-$21/hour.
  • Fast Chart – (previously known as Applied Medical Services)medical transcriptionist companies. I’ve read the pay ranges from $0.06 per line to some people making $1,500 per month and at the very high side someone who had been there 10 years was making $2,500 per month.
  • Leap Force – independent contractors conducting in-depth internet research on your own schedule.
  • SpeakWrite – become a typist for $0.005-0.006 per word. Average monthly wage is $300 with the top earners making $3,000. If you can type quickly and accurately this is a great option.
  • Baby Center – they sometimes have remote positions available. As of me writing this, they have a Global Paid Social Media Coordinator position available to manage their paid social media campaigns.
  • Brainmass – If you hold a graduate’s degree you can become a tutor and teaching assistance to students.
  • LiveOps – hires work from home call center agents. Pay is $13.67/hour.
  • Accounting Department – hires virtual CPAs, bookkeepers, and office personnel.
  • Clarity Consultants – posts virtual jobs ranging from instructional design to change management, marketing, and analytics to training, development, and coaching. Depending on the position the pay can be between $15 – $75/hour.
  • Homework Tutoring – knowledgeable in engineering, history or law? Work for Homework Tutoring.
  • HSN – if you live in Hillsborough or Pinellas Counties in Florida, HSN hires work at home call center agents. You’ll need to attend an in-person training, but the rest is from home. Pay is between $10-$12/hour.
  • Go Fluent – are you bilingual? Apply at Go Fluent to teach English online to non-natives. It has been posted online in places that teachers are paid $24/hour.
  • Humana – hires individuals to work virtually. View their list of current openings to see if you qualify.

43. Find odd jobs to complete on Craigslist

The best way to find work from home jobs on Craigslist is to use Search Tempest to search all of the nation.  Make sure to choose the jobs category and enter the keyword telecommute or work from home to find jobs or work to complete. Be careful of scams. Never provide any up-front payment or personal information. Unless they are a legitimate company you can verify, keep looking.

44. Become a Mystery Shopper (not 100% online)

I used to think mystery shopping was fake and a scam. Until I signed up with TrendSource. Mystery shopping is real and alive! It can be difficult to break into, but not impossible. The key is to be persistent and on top of applying for gigs. You won’t get rich completing these projects, but they are a nice supplement to your income.

Other reputable mystery shopping companies include:

45. Addicted to Style & Selfies: Get paid to take selfies

Stylinity is a nifty little site will pay you to take selfies of your outfits! You simply sign up, take your selfies and tag the products in the photo. When someone purchases an item you are wearing, you get paid! You can signup for free now and get a $10 bonus from me by using this link!

46. Take Surveys for Cash & Gift Cards

This is not a scam; I repeat this is not a scam! Seriously, these sites will pay you to take surveys! They can ask you anything from where you shop, how often you shop, what you think about certain products, etc. They are looking to see how consumers behave.

Here’s a list of legitimate survey sites to get started!

  1. Swagbucks (get $5 from me just for signing up!) 
  2. American Consumer Opinion 
  3. Inbox Dollars  
  4. ProOpinion  
  5. Survey Club  
  6. YouGov  
  7. Pinecone Research  
  8. Opinion Outpost  
  9. Survey Spot
  10. Survey Junkie  
  11. SaySo4Profit  
  12. PanelBucks  
  13. PaidSurveys  
  14. Prize Rebel  
  15. Harris Poll Online  
  16. Clear Voice Surveys  
  17. GrabPoints  
  18. InstaGC 
  19. CashCrate  

47. Use CashBack Websites for Everyday Purchases

I wrote an entire blog post about Ebates a couple of weeks ago. This website links to hundreds of online stores that you probably shop at on a regular basis. Instead of going straight to those stores and making your purchase, you first go through the Ebates website to activate your cash back rewards.

48. Get Paid to Test Websites

Companies need to know how their websites are being perceived by the customers. Is it user-friendly? Intuitive? Difficult to navigate? You know that if you are too close to a project, it is hard for you to see the errors and mistakes. That’s why brands turn to companies that are in the business of testing websites. Here are three websites that will pay you to test websites and apps:

  • User Testing – Earn $10 per 20-minute website test you complete. You simply complete a set of tactics and speaking your honest thoughts as you are doing them. They pay via PayPal.
  • Analysia – similar to User Testing, this company will pay you $10 per test you complete.
  • TryMyUI – UI stands for User Interface. This company also pays $10 per test.

49. Get Paid to Review Unsigned Artists & Bands

We all know that reviews are very important in this digital age. There are companies out there committed to providing REAL reviews of products and services. You would be surprised to learn that a large percentage of the reviews that are given for “free” are FAKE! Ugh, it stinks that we have such dishonesty out there. But luckily these two companies are on a mission to provide realistic reviews for businesses and brands to make decisions by.

  • Music Emissions –  you won’t get rich from this site. But if you enjoy listening to music, why not get paid to do it?
  • – not only do you review music on this website, you also get paid to review clothes, logos and more.

50. Learn How to Invest

I wish this was something they taught in high school. It is so unfortunate that unless you take specific college classes on the subject of investing, you’re forced to learn it on your own. Luckily there are some amazing tools available to you.

Right now Amazon is offering a 30-day FREE Trial of their Amazon Kindle Unlimited. There are a few books I would recommend you pick and read through this free trial:

51. Make Money with these Phone Apps

  • SmartPanel –  pays you up to $75 for data. After you download their app, they will monitor your spending online and what websites you visit.
  • Free My Apps – get gift cards for downloading apps. Sometimes they have promotions going on.
  • My Points – cashback site rewards you for shopping. Points towards gift cards.
  • Receipt Hog –purchases can be made from any store.
  • NCPOnline – scan your purchases and earn points. They may contact you for your opinion on things. Once you have enough points you can then cash them in for rewards.
  • Foap – upload your photos and set your price.
  • GigWalkApp & FieldAgent App – complete simple jobs such as taking pictures of a kiosk display.
  • I-say app – a mobile survey company that gives you points that you can redeem for gift cards of cash through pPayPal
  • Deepop app – sell your unwanted clothes.

52. Use Cash Back Credit Cards

If you are like me, you enjoy paying your bills online. The bills that can be paid with a credit card at set to automatically bill my Discover Cashback rewards card. Just make sure to pay off your balance each month. Bankrate has a list of excellent cashback rewards credit cards. I recommend the Discover It Card and the Barclays card.

53. Enter Contests and Giveaways

You’ll want to find contests and giveaways that you are interested in and begin entering search terms such as “wedding contest” or “free wedding giveaway.” A friend of mine won her wedding dress this way. I would suggest websites for you, but many contests and giveaways have a time frame for entry.

What I do, is each Saturday morning while we are lounging around the house, I do a quick Google search on something that we need to see if there is a giveaway or contest for it. I’ve recently entered multiple contests for everything related to a wedding. I’ll update this section if we win anything! (Fingers crossed!)

Don’t forget about the most famous sweepstakes there’s ever been Publisher’s Clearing House.

54. Rent out Your House

Use Airbnb to rent out your spare bedroom or rent out your home while on vacation. You can also use it to find places to rent yourself. If you use my link here you’ll get $35 towards your next rental!

55. Rent Items Around your House

We’ve rented out furniture for a neighbors wedding once. You could also rent out textbooks, a room in your home, your car, equipment, etc.

Some sites that assist with renting out items around your house include:

  • Zilok – rent just about everything you own from your car, equipment, gaming console, wedding dress, boat, computer, sewing machine, basically anything and everything.
  • Rent Anything – similar to Zilok – rent just about anything to other.
  • Loanables – rent out your stuff here too!
  • Similar to Airbnb is Couch Surfing – offer up your couch to someone looking for a place to crash for a few nights.
  • Just Park – lets you rent out your driveway
  • Turo and Get Around – rent your car out
  • – the tried and true of selling, renting, buying anything!
  • Hey Nay – rent and lend things to your neighbors

Helpful tip: This list may help you price your equipment rentals.

Make sure to collect a security deposit for your items, take photos to document their condition, and sign a contract. Thankfully, some of the websites listed above take care of the contract specifics.

56. Join a Clinical Trial

Suffer from a chronic condition? Medical professionals run clinical trials to test out new therapies. The payment varies, but you could find a cure for your condition and make some cash on the side. Win-Win!

Use Acurian Health to find a study near you. Here are some examples of studies they have:

57. Sell your PC’s Idle CPU Time

Say what? Unless you are into computers or have a friend or family member who is, you may be scratching your head on this one. Thanks to my tech-savvy brother, I know a thing or two about PC computers. Side note: I don’t own PCs any longer. I’m a Mac girl thru-and-thru.

If you leave your PC in sleep mode when you aren’t using this, then this is an EASY way to make extra cash for something that you already own. This is an excellent article that explains everything in great details.

Two reputable companies purchasing CPU Time are:

Please be careful of scams if you find others online.

58. Do You Love to Gamble?

You’ve seen those TV shows where people are playing professional Texas Hold Em’ or Poker, right? Well, people also play those games online and make money doing it!

Gamble and make money online by beating on sports, playing poker, and playing casino games. There are websites dedicated to these medias or mobile apps. Here is a short list:

I have not personally done any of these things and do not plan to, but I do know people who have gambled online and won. Just remember to “Play Responsibly.” Review the websites legal notices too!

59. Crowdfunding & Fundraising Websites

What is crowdfunding? A fancy way of saying that many people across the internet donate or fund your project. The list below is of the most popular websites that offer this service. Each one is slightly different than the other. I’ve grouped the ones together that are most like each other.

First, before you start your crowdfunding, record a simple intro & about video describing your project. Also, create a blog/website to showcase your project. By doing this, you give credibility to your campaign and increase your chances of getting funded. I suggest you post on your blog at least once per week to give your funders (followers) an update on your (crowdfunded) project.

  • Kickstarter  – is a very popular crowdfuning website. They have over 13 million visitors each month! You will need a product idea or event to promote in any niche. When you set-up your campaign, be sure to include your video and link to your website. You will also need to set a campaign fund level (the goal amount you want to raise). One thing to be aware of is this platform is an all or nothing campaign set-up. Meaning, if your campaign does not reach the fund level goal you set, you won’t get any of the funds pledged. And of course, make sure you follow through on what you said you would create!
  • Indiegogo – their slogan is Dream It. Fund It. Make It. Ship It. They are very similar to Kickstarter, with the main differences being you can fund a charity and it is said to be internationally friendly.
  • RocketHub  – this is the 3rd most popular site to Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The main differences are you get the funds whether you meet the fund goal level or not. Another neat thing is they have partnered with A&E so a campaign has the chance to be featured on TV, on the A&E website and in their bi-annual magazine. Pretty neat!
  • Fundable  – This platform allows you to raise capital (equity investors) for your startup idea. Their fee structure is more aligned with projects that plan to raise large amounts of funds. One guy raised over $60K to start his craft brewing company.
  • GoFundMe – If you’ve never heard of GoFundMe, where have you been!? Just teasing. This type of crowdfunding is generally for personal campaigns. Has a child passed unexpectedly and need help with expenses? Has a family member suddenly been diagnosed with cancer and won’t be able to work for an extended period of time? This platform is designed to raise funds to cover those expenses.
  • YouCaring  – This platform targets the same individuals as GoFundMe. The added benefit though is that the funds raised are not charged a fee. The campaigns you can run on YouCaring range from covering medical costs, funding mission trips, covering pet bill, a charity, for school, and more.
  • AngelList – this platform will help you meet angel investors ready to invest in your startup. It’s not a crowdfunding website in it’s simplest form, but a way to meet people with the funds. Think SharkTank but without the theatrics. Companies and individuals invest money for equity in the startup. Interestingly, Uber used AngelList to find investors to help them start their venture.
  • SeedInvest & WeFunder & CircleUp – are other platforms like AngelList that offer crowdfunding in exchange for equity in the company’s startup.
  • Got an App you are developing or an idea for an App? Head over to AppBackR for funds so you can distribute the app.
  • Are you the artistic, creative type? You need to be on Patreon. This site was created for people to pledge and support their favorite creators on an ongoing basis. People are using their creative juices to earn thousands of dollars per month. Do you create videos? Music Videos? Ever heard of Video Essays? Draw and script comics? Patreon is a tipping/donation platform where patrons of the artists they love help fund their passions. The catch is to offer something in return to the patrons for their donation such as a T-Shirt, signed copy of CD, etc. The donations are set-up as a monthly subscription.

60. Flipping Websites and Blogs

This strategy takes some forethought and some initial upfront capital to invest. You will need to locate a website that has been established for at least a year. Use websites like Flippa, NameBio or Sedo to find websites for sale.

  • Flippa – buy and sell websites, domains, and apps.
  • Name Bio – marketplace listing domains for sale.
  • Sedo – auction site for website & domains.

Once you’ve found some potential websites, you’ll need to evaluate its income potential. Does it have decent traffic? Viable for a product or service you currently or plan to sell? Is the keyword SEO usable good? You can use sites such as HypeStat, Estibot, and FreeValuator. You may even want to view them on the WayBack Machine to see the history of the website.

Once you’ve purchased a website, use standard SEO techniques to build the websites traffic and readership. This is a good article to read that discusses the ins and outs of website flipping. After you feel you have increased the value of the website, use Flippa, NameBio or Sedo to list it for sale. Or you can hire a broker to handle the sale for you.

If this is something that interests you, I highly recommend you visit Domain Investing to learn more about the niche.

61. Buy, Park & Sell Domains for profit

Similar to website flipping, this option is where you simply purchase domain names that you think are profitable. For example, purchasing the domain name of a celebrity, local city business, or (which is currently listed for sale via Flippa).

I recommend purchasing any domain through NameSilo. They have the lowest prices on domains that I have found anywhere on the internet.

Once you’ve purchased the domain, you can use sites like Bodisor or Sedo to park the domain and put advertising links on it while you have it listed for sale. This way, if anyone was to stumble upon your domain while you are waiting for a buyer, if they click on an ad, you get paid.


Do you remember that guy who purchased the domain name and sold each pixel for $1 totaling $1,000,000? I know when I saw this, I thought “man, what a genius idea!”.

Then there was the guy at Jason Sandler’s business model was for his team and him to wear a different company’s T-Shirt each day of the year. They would promote that company for a specified period of time via social media, news outlets and the like. Pretty creative huh?

The key is to think OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!!

Wow – What a List!!

Did you sense a trend with most of the items on this list? If you want to do anything online these days, it is pretty crucial that you create a blog to either showcase your skills or sell your services & products. Even if you are using other websites sell your items, if you don’t have your own blog/website then you are leaving money on the table. There is no argument that a blog will help you network and expand your reach. Follow my tutorial here on how to create a blog in 5 easy to follow steps.

If you’ve made it to this point – awesome! That means you’ve read through all 60+ legit ways to make money online. Hopefully, you aren’t too overwhelmed. I know I felt that way as I was writing this post. 😉

Please pin this post to your Pinterest Board and bookmark the web page for reference.

I challenge you to pick at least one way to make money online and commit to putting action into doing it this week!

Aware of other ways to make money online? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

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