I guide creative entrepreneurs and small business owners through my signature branding process by helping them reconnect with their core message & purpose and work together to visually express that through their brand & web presence.


You are in the right place if…

A self-proclaimed serial “re-brander”, constantly changing your colors, your fonts, your logo, your website themes.

Feeling disconnected from your brand so you aren’t confident in marketing your products or services.

Completely overwhelmed by all of the options available; between the color combinations, fonts, website themes, oh my!

Have been in business for 6+ months and have never properly branded your business to begin with! Yikes!

My Brand Mission:

Is to show creative entrepreneurs and small businesses how to discover, develop, design, and deploy unforgettable brands & websites through the use of scientific psychology (i.e. brand archetypes) and human emotion to attract the perfect visitors, readers, customers & clients.

My Core Brand Beliefs include:

– Branding your business is so much more than design. If you build your brand strategy (the foundation) first, then the design part is EASY!

– By discovering what your deep seeded core message & vision is, you can design and express your brand clearly, consistently, and confidently.

– By infusing more personality into your brand and being authentic to your audience, your brand will be in the perfect position to easily and quickly attract those people you want to work with.

– Your message needs to be heard! Each person & business has a unique voice that speaks to certain people and should be uniquely packaged and expressed to your audience.

The point is, you have something important to say, sell, or do and I am here to help you do that successfully and effectively!

Who is Roxanne?

Hi! I’m the Brand Strategist & Web Designer around here. My job is to help you achieve clarity, consistency & confidence in your Brand Messaging & Visual Identity. 

My love for branding began when I was 16 years old working for my mother’s company.

She would continuously tell me that we were unique because we put customer service first (unlike the competition), we completed necessary business functions for free instead of charging our clients, and we always added personal touches to things. Like hand delivering personalized gift baskets to clients for their birthdays.

I didn’t understand it then, but she was in the process of branding her company. Helping the business stand out among the sea of staffing companies in the area.

After getting my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, I was eager to apply my marketing and branding experience and knowledge to my dad’s company. We figured out his unfair advantage & uniqueness first. I then designed a website and began marketing his company as the family enterprise that it was, separating him from his competition.

You see, Brand Development begins by first finding the soul of your brand and then expressing it in a way that connects with universal feelings and human emotions. Whenever I work on a new brand, we first identify the Brand Archetypes (1-2) and then base every decision afterward around “who” they are at the core.

This process allows us to create a meaningful brand message that resonates with you and your business as well as aligned your business to attract your perfect customers & clients looking to exchange dollar bills with someone just like you. 

Branding Helps you:

Stand out from the crowd
Gain Brand Credibility & expert status
Improve your productivity and efficiency
Gain instant Brand Recognition
Expand your reach and opportunities
Gain Brand Loyalty
Have a clear path to success
Increase your income potential

There is a Correct Approach to Branding

Most people who call themselves “Brand Strategists” approach branding backward. They start from the design standpoint by picking out their seemingly favorite colors, favorite fonts, stock images, and designing a logo. This approach leaves your brand unclear, unfocused, and disjointed. It is also a recipe for needing to “re-brand” down the road. Conversely, I approach branding from the beginning by helping you clarify your message first and then expressing it visually second.

I help you to break free from the feeling that you must be who everyone says you should be. My passion is helping creative people like you remember who you are and taking that knowledge to help you design an unforgettable brand that is 100% an extension of your personality.

I’m more than just another Web Designer or Brand Strategist. My process is different in that we do not start with a mood board or inspiration board; we start by you first reconnecting with yourself and what makes you tick.

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