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An IBS Sufferer’s story of resilience and survival

I’m going to be real and vulnerable with you. I have suffered from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for 23 years by my count. And this is an honest account of an IBS sufferers story. The story I’m about to share with you I have never shared with anyone before, at least...

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How I got $25,000 FREE Money to Buy my First Home

Buying your first home is like the hazing of adulthood. Seriously. If you have purchased a home, you know exactly what I mean. Finding a reputable real estate agent to help you “find” homes to look at is the easy part. It’s only after you have a signed contract that...

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An Honest Ebates Review – How to Make Money with Ebates

This post may contain affiliate links.    Remember when online shopping was risky and people thought it was just a fad? Yea..... me neither! Haha As soon as I learned I could purchase things online and have them shipped to my door – I was hooked! I’ve been online...

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