Professional Freelancer Services

As a Professional Freelancer, I’m in the business of making sure you are receiving value for your invested dollar. As an entrepreneur, your focus is on growing your business not getting stuck in the weeds. Instead of worrying about what your next article should be on or posting today’s blog post, you should be focused on growing your business.

Wouldn’t you rather have someone you can call upon to help you with these tasks? This is where I come in. Below you will find a list of the services I provide my clients.

You can also learn more about my blog and me here.

My Professional Freelancer Services include:

Copywriter & SEO

Blog & Brand Consultant

I am very responsive so if you are ready to discuss your needs, please contact me now.

Copywriter & SEO

My love for writing began in the 2nd grade when I would sit at our old Macintosh computer and write short fiction stories.

Need a staff writer or a one-time content writer? Then look no further. I am available whether you need a couple of articles every week, or just a single post with no ongoing relationship. I can write regular content, content to fill in the gaps in your writing schedule, content for advertising and so on. My turnaround time on projects is quick and reliable.

Here is a list of topics I have written on. If you have a topic that is not on this list, please still contact me to discuss.

  • Millennial Personal Finance
  • Personal Growth & Development (Law of Attraction)
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Social Media Marketing

My rates are dependent on the research needed, article length and topic category.

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Blog & Brand Consultant

Blogging is a lot of fun and something I encourage anyone with an eagerness to write to do. If you are just starting out or you’ve been blogging but have hit a road block, consider hiring me as your consultant.

I’ve coached many people through the startup of their blogs. Most people simply felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of technical knowledge needed, that they became paralyzed. While others had blogs that they enjoyed writing, but nobody was finding.

Here are some areas that I can consult with you on:

  • Finding your Niche & Developing a Brand – most bloggers and solopreneurs overlook this very important step. Finding your niche, defining your target market and creating a personal brand is very important to having success online.
  • Creating your website – If you are completely new to the blogging world, I can help you find your niche, brainstorm domain names, choose a web host, figure out website design and more.
  • Designing your website – This is usually the area that trips up the most people. Are you overwhelmed by the technical aspects of a blog? I know I was lost for months. I can help you get past this obstacle and start writing and sharing content immediately.
  • Monetizing your website – Most people are excited about this area of blogging, and rightfully so. I will show you how to monetize your blog no matter what niche you have chosen to write on.
  • Social Media & Promoting your blog – You can have an amazing blog with very useful information on it, but if no one is finding you, then you may eventually give up and abandon your site. I don’t want this to happen! I can show you how to correctly use social media to market your blog and drive traffic to your site.

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If you are ready to start blogging and need some guidance on where to start, I have created this step-by-step guide on how to start a blog for $3.49 per month. I spent years researching (yes, years) on how to do this the right way. I share every detail on how I went from a domain name to the blog you see today. If are on the fence or have been considering creating a blog for a long time, I suggest you go ahead and do it! I know I wish I would have started sooner. 


I look forward to hearing from you.

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