I used to believe that money is the root of all evil. The people in my social circle made sure to give me examples to reinforce this belief…


One thing I’ve learned through my personal growth practice is when we focus on something – a belief, desired outcome, etc. – our mind will naturally find things to reinforce and confirm what it is we are wanting to see.

Meaning our minds will literally ignore all of the other sensory information and focus on the things that VERIFY our thoughts and beliefs.

This idea was introduced to me by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It wasn’t until I started seeing these patterns in my own life that I actually understood the significance of what he was trying to teach.

The belief that money is the root of all evil is an outdated model. Think about an aspiring author for a moment. If they weren’t paid for their penmanship, how many additional books or novels do you think she would be able to create and produce?  Not many, as she would have to find some alternative way of generating an income.

But Money is the Root of All Evil!!

I know what you are probably thinking. “Yea but money causes so many issues. What about the drug lords and strip-clubs, etc.? Those are evil!”

Let me play devils advocate for a moment. The individuals purchasing the drugs from the drug lord see value in the product he is providing. The men (or women) visiting the strip clubs receive some type of value for the exchange of their dollar bills. Just because we judge the lifestyle or situation as evil, doesn’t make the money is evil.

If we didn’t have money, there would be something else to replace it for the exchange of value. You see, money is only an issue if you focus upon the belief that it is evil.

Focus on Creating Value

What I want to encourage is a new focus. To focus on the value, you provide the world. Some people like to call it your “purpose.” Your value or your purpose is what you naturally enjoy and feel good about doing day after day.

Most people I speak with typically define their purpose as some form of helping other people.  Whether it is helping them via coaching, teaching, or sharing their experiences. If they aren’t already doing those things, once they begin to, they start to become very fulfilled individuals. They are now creating amazing value for the masses.

When we create and provide value to the world in some form such as music, novels, or coaching, there are people out there ready and willing to exchange their money with the value you have created.

Get the Order Right

Some people do it backward. They want to first focus upon money. People have really good bullshit filters. They can spot a fraud from a mile away. It gives off this inauthentic odor that repulses most people. Unless of course, they are frauds themselves. 😉

The problem with focusing on money first, is you lose your ability to create the value that is innately inside of you.  You spend your time focusing on the money, or lack of money and your actions become robotic or disjointed. You stifle your creative juices and begin to engage in activities that are uninspiring.

When you create authentic, genuine value for the world, it is easy for you to be compensated. You will attract like-minded people to you that enjoy engaging with your value and want to pay you for it.

New Beliefs Take Time

This concept may sound foreign to you now and that is okay. Any new thought pattern takes time, to become a new belief. You may spend the next several weeks looking for evidence of this new idea to confirm to yourself whether it is worthy of becoming a belief. Or you may spend the same amount of time looking for evidence that contradicts this belief. Either way, you are right.  🙂

After you have an idea of what your purpose is and what value you can provide the world, take a look at this article I’ve written on how to make money online. Scan through the list to see if anything aligns with your purpose. Maybe something inspires you or sparks something inside of you. Maybe you find ideas that you had never considered before.

There is no reason to continue with the flawed belief that money is the root of all evil and something to be shunned.

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