For most of my twenties, I hated my job. I don’t want to sound ungrateful because that certainly isn’t the case. The main reason I hated my job was because I felt like the soul was being sucked out of me. There was nothing inspiring about my job.  I woke up wanting to quit my job every single day. The worst part is I didn’t know what to do since I hated my job so much.

what-to-do-when-you-hate-your-job-pinterest-imageEvery weekend I would sit around questioning if I should quit my job. I pondered what the whole purpose of “working” is and asked these questions to myself:

  1. How did society decide that working 40 hours a week was okay?
  2. When did it become the norm to work in a boring, uninspiring job so that we could live in a nice house or drive nice cars or (fill in the blank)?
  3. Why is only 2 weeks per year an acceptable amount of vacation time for an employee?

It seems like we as a society have simply accepted this as the status-quo. In my heart of hearts, I believe that we:

  • are not meant to get a job
  • commit 30+ of our prime years to a company (or multiple companies)
  • beg for raises and promotions
  • be surrounded by cut-throat coworkers, or
  • spend most of our waking hours at said job.

I can remember as young as 21 having this realization and KNOWING that I wanted to break the cycle. To become Financially Free so I didn’t have to get a job. And then spend my time helping others achieve the same.

What to do When You Hate your Job

I’ll be honest, if you hate your job, it is almost inevitable that you will eventually quit. There is nothing wrong in that realization. Just remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it is green where you water it. I’ve outlines the steps below on how to quit your job. You should never quit your job if your family depends on your income. Rather, you should make a plan for what you will do once you quit your job.

Step 1: Determine your WHY?

Ask yourself WHY you want to quit your job? Is your job uninspiring? If you quit your job, would you be unfulfilled?  Do you hate your co-workers?

Don’t rush through this step. It is important to identify your true why. Typically, at first brush, you’ll get the superficial answers such as: because I hate my boss, or I hate my commute. But as you keep asking yourself the question WHY, you’ll start to uncover things you hadn’t consciously considered before. Such as, I long to spend my time with my significant other in the morning meditating, or I wish I could be more present in my children’s lives.

Once you’ve properly identified your WHY, it is time to figure out your HOW.

Step 2: Figure out your HOW

The second step to quitting your job is to figure out how you will receive income. There are hundreds, even thousands of ways people receive an income. Many ways don’t require you to trade your time for money either. Yay!

At the core of any method to receiving an income, there has to be an exchange. This exchange is in the form of value. People pay for the value you create. If you are working at a job, your employer is paying you for the value you are creating for them. The only problem is that you don’t get any residual income from this value. You have to continually generate new value for your employer to continually pay you.

I’ve put together a wonderfully robust resource of 60+ legit ways to make money online without a job. Many of them are passive income streams. To clarify, just because a stream of income is passive, doesn’t equal easy or free. Many ways of making an income require time and effort since you will be creating some form of value for others in exchange for money.

Step 3: Start Your Side-Hustle

In order to quit your job without going homeless, you’ll more than likely need to create a side-hustle in parallel with your job. Take one of the 60+ legit ways to make money online and begin implementing it. Once you’ve mastered one method and taken it as far as it can go, expand into other methods until you are making the same or MORE than you are currently making at your J.O.B.

Why I Will Never Work for Some Else Ever Again

The thought of getting another job makes me cringe. I want to hurl myself over the edge of a bridge. Those jobs are soul-sucking beasts that make me want to run the other way.

You may be feeling the same, but feel stuck. Please believe me when I say you aren’t stuck and there are hundreds of alternatives versus having to stay in your dreaded job.

Here are the main reasons I hated my jobs and why I will never get another one. You may resonate with some or all of these reasons:

–  I hated the commute and crazy drivers each morning and night

–  I hated having to be somewhere at a specific time each and every day

–  I hated that we only had a specific amount of PTO/sick day/vacation days each year. Not to mention, I always felt guilty when I needed to take a sick day.

–  I hated that there was a ceiling on my income potential. I could only make as much as my salary allowed. The yearly bonus was up to the company.

–  I hated the office politics. I always felt like I had to be someone I wasn’t

–  I hated the office gossip. I think people in offices make most of the gossip up because they secretly hate their jobs too.

–  I hated that I never had time to work out or clean the house/do laundry/cook dinner/(Fill in the blank). I always felt completely DRAINED by the time I got home. I was having to wake up at 5:30am and wouldn’t get home until 5:30pm (if I was lucky). Then I had a boss who made me feel guilty for only working 40 hours per week. What she and most bosses, who don’t like you very much, don’t realize is you actually work more than 40 hours per week when you don’t take a lunch and work from home “off the clock.”

–  I never felt like I could do anything right. Anytime I would make a decision or do something the way I thought it should be done, I had people telling me (they said they were coaching me) to do it a different way next time. What bothered me the most, is that these decisions and situations were not HARMED by the way I approached them. I simply approached the problem/situation differently than they did. And because they were older/wiser/been there longer, they felt that I should do it the same way it has always been done.

Now this could have been the company I worked for (it was a monopoly utility after all), but it was very demoralizing. Not to mention by the time I left, I had ZERO self-confidence in myself. I spent the next 6 months working on myself and my self-esteem.

Here’s a video that shows why the office environment stifles our creativity. Office environments want you to do it the same way it has always been done…

Owning your time again

Being your own boss and owning your time again is very liberating. Once you’ve joined the happily unemployed, you’ll start to have less and less tolerance for unnecessary drama. When your friends share their office politics and gossip stories with you, you’ll start to see how ridiculous and annoying they sound.

I encourage you to review my list of ways to make money online resource guide and start on your side-hustle as soon as possible. With this day in age of the internet, there is zero reason why we must work for someone else. You can possibly make MORE money online than you can from a traditional job!

Leave the old business model – J.O.B. – to die its natural death. I honestly believe in 10 years’ time; most work will be completed by freelancers. So you might as well get a heads start!

I’m behind your decision 100%! Just always remember your WHY? The true reason you want to quit your job in the first place.

Share with us in the comments section if you want to quit your job and if you are working on a side hustle?

Roxanne Gilmore

Roxanne Gilmore

Roxanne was blessed to have the opportunity to leave an unfulfilling job to tackle the world of online marketing & branding. This space is where she shares her branding expertise, personal struggles, and fun tips to help you grow your audience, influence & income online!

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